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Windows 12 for Dummies by Graham Moore


Windows 12 for Dummies by Graham Moore a Paperback. The book is to help you avoid virus and get a better operating system than the Windows 10 which Microsoft says they will no longer be making any new versions of Windows. They are asking developers to help make a Linux version ours is in action now. We are calling ours Linux Windows 12. You can also run Windows programs on the Mint system too.

Install the latest Windows 10 and make a triple boot with Linux Mint and Fedora with Cinnamon desktops. Free activation for Windows and Troubleshooting. Getting help Backup and restoring.

Running Windows programs on Linux Mint with 80,000 free programs much better than those made for Windows. Auto Cad, PhotoCad Gimp GnuCash and Quicken

Making Videos and Editing and creating for YouTube. Making MySQL databases and advanced programming. Making a Shopping cart and Website design.

Fedora self-hosting multiple Websites with Mysql Databases and shopping carts as well as a Email server and Web

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